The account recovery process is ripe for attackers. Don’t be a victim.

In an interconnected digital world, securing your online presence is paramount. While account recovery processes are designed to help users regain access to their accounts, they also expose the enterprise to the greatest risk. Through phishing, social engineering and the wide availability of stolen personal data on the dark web, fraudsters know how to get around existing controls. The Anonybit Genie secures the weakest link, preventing account takeover attacks at the help desk and in chat channels. Understanding and mitigating fraud risks during account recovery is crucial for ensuring online security and a closed circle of identity.

How the account recovery module works

Instead of a clunky account recovery process that requires email, phone numbers, easy-to-guess security questions and one-time codes, ask the person to take a selfie and within a few seconds know who is on the other end. Strong authentication. Less fraud. Better user experience and overall operational cost savings. All built with the Anonybit privacy-by-design backend.

Send the user a magic link

User takes a selfie and submits to Anonybit

Anonybit compares the selfie against the decentralized record and returns a matching score in milliseconds

If applicable and there is a match, retrieve a linked asset (i.e., PassKey or backup passphrase)

If applicable and there is a match, send an OTP or submit call to allow access to application

If applicable, send the match response to a help desk agent

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Bid farewell to account takeover fraud

With the Anonybit Genie, your network and accounts are fortified, user privacy is preserved, and a robust defense against potential breaches is in place. Streamline authentication at the help desk and in the chat channel. Even enable self-service account recovery. With the Anonybit Genie, you are covered with strong authentication across the entire user lifecycle regardless of channel.

Uses selfie biometrics for strong authentication

No more use of passwords, PINs, knowledge-based questions and other factors that are known to fraudsters.

Reduces authentication time by 70%

Standard account recovery processes take around 60 seconds to validate identity; Anonybit provides a user authentication response in an instant.

Enables self-service account recovery

The Anonybit Genie works across all user channels – online, at the help desk and in the digital channel and eliminates the need for an agent to manage simple authentication and password reset tasks tasks.

Eliminates silos and organizational gaps

Leverages the same biometric collected at the digital onboarding process for account recovery with little to no coding or new integrations required.

Exceeds requirements under GDPR and other data protection laws

Implementing Anonybit’s system allows for a transparent, consent-based biometric solution that minimizes data collection, allows control of data localization, and provides strongly protected storage and management of data necessary for your identity management processes.

Integrate Anonybit into your existing identity tech stack

Anonybit’s account recovery module integrates easily into existing workflows and tech stacks, with various no-code and low-code options that deliver a consistent user experience across different channels – mobile, web, in-person, in a call center, or even a chat channel. Here are just a few of the integrations that we support with the authentication module.


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Securely store and manage biometrics and run a 1:N check to prevent duplicates and synthetic identities.

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