Set yourself up for phishing-resistant MFA with our binding module.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, binding user biometrics to multiple credentialing attributes, like FIDO Passkeys, tokens and device IDs, becomes a powerful combination, reshaping digital security and online user experiences. Going far beyond traditional authentication, the Anonybit Genie is device-independent, eliminating the fallback on PINs, passwords and even knowledge-based questions to verify identity across the entire user journey.

How the binding module works

Establishing an unbreakable connection between a biometric profile and a device or credentialing method during enrollment ensures unbeatable authentication downstream. With Anonybit, you don't need to depend on vulnerable authenticators; instead, you gain a formidable, privacy-centric multi-factor authentication system that's resistant to phishing and account takeover attempts.

Ingest biometric from any source into the decentralized biometric cloud.

Capture the details for the credentialing attribute to bind (PassKey, device information, email, token, backup passphrase, etc.)

Store the attribute in the decentralized data vault.

Link the attribute to the biometric profile.

Upon authentication request, require both the asset and the biometric match to pass.

If needed for account recovery, retrieve the credential from the decentralized data vault.

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Strong authentication begins with who you are

Flexible user management

The Anonybit decentralized backend acts as an anchor across your enterprise, allowing you to link any credentialing method, like a FIDO Passkey to a single biometric profile as opposed to a user ID which can be compromised, giving you a clean source of truth for your downstream authentication needs.


Unlike most identity systems that provide a device-binding FIDO feature, Anonybit works across devices and applications, supporting use cases where credentials are shared by family members (such as devices or payment tokens).

PassKeys linked to user biometrics

The last mile to ensure the promise of FIDO involves PassKey recovery across devices. Anonybit is device-independent, allowing a user to store and manage PassKeys via the decentralized cloud, preventing account takeover attacks and operational risks in restoring PassKeys and other tokens.

Exceeds requirements under GDPR and other data protection laws

Implementing Anonybit’s system allows for a transparent, consent-based biometric solution that minimizes data collection, allows control of data localization, and provides strongly-protected storage and management of data necessary for your identity management processes.

Bind any attribute to a user's biometric.

In an age where cyber threats loom large, safeguarding your digital identity is non-negotiable. Binding acts as a robust defense mechanism, adding an extra layer of protection to safeguarding sensitive information and accounts. By associating a biometric profile to specific credentialing attributes, you create a fortified barrier against future account takeover attacks. The result is strong authentication that doesn’t fall back on phishable credentials, even at the account recovery stage. Here are just a few of the integrations that we support with the binding module.


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Learn about the other Anonybit Genie modules

Digital onboarding

Securely store and manage biometrics and run a 1:N check to prevent duplicates and synthetic identities.

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Leverage the biometric enrolled in digital onboarding with the second factor bound to the profile for strong identity validation.

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Account Recovery

Device-independent workflows to retrieve PassKeys and other assets stored in the decentralized data vault.

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