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Identity Verified

Centralized honeypots are impossible to protect. Existing authentication methods are failing. Transform your privacy and security posture with decentralized biometrics for less fraud, lower operational costs, and streamlined user experiences.

Eliminate the tradeoffs with Anonybit

>99% authentication accuracy

Patent-pending decentralized framework for secure biometric storage

85% less time to authenticate than traditional methods

Same user experience for digital, chat, contact center and physical service channels


The privacy-by-design way to leverage biometrics for integrated identity management in the enterprise

  • Secure biometric storage

    Many enterprises already collect biometric data during an onboarding process but don’t store it for fear of a data compromise.

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  • Consumer authentication

    Attackers know how to get around the defenses. That’s why 100% of fraud happens inside authenticated sessions.

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  • Workforce authentication

    Most data breaches and ransomware attacks all boil down to the same thing. Stolen credentials.

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  • Contact center authentication

    Attackers use stolen data to get past the standard defenses, leaving contact center operators struggling to verify callers.

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The Anonybit Genie provides superior security and eliminates account takeover fraud


Digital Onboarding

Securely store biometrics and other PII collected in your digital onboarding process and run checks to ensure no synthetic or duplicate/blocklisted identities get enrolled.

Device Binding

Link any attribute or credential, like a device, payment token, PassKey, credit card number, etc. to the stored biometric profile to enable strong biometric MFA downstream.

Account Recovery

Leverage the stored biometric for instant verification of identity in a help desk or enable self-service account recovery from a new or shared device.


Quickly and easily validate a user’s identity from the decentralized cloud without disrupting the user experience or falling back on weak authenticators.

There is no industry that is immune from the threat of a data breach. Don't be complacent.

  • Financial Services

    Think about how your customers currently interface online, at the contact center, with chat channels, even in the branch. From setting up an account with social security numbers, to retrieving funds and conducting transactions with usernames and passwords — the circle of identity is broken. It’s time to restore it.

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  • Healthcare

    Patient privacy and security is essential for proper care. And yet, there is danger each time patient portals are utilized by providers to verify health information and process claims or each time consumers use health and fitness apps loaded with PII. Then factor in compliance requirements and the challenge of identity management and data protection can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

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  • Retail

    Retailers collect personal data to enhance the customer experience but unfortunately, oftentimes become victims of data breaches. At checkout, BOPIS, redeeming loyalty and managing back of the house deliveries, identity management, consumer trust and brand affinity is at the heart of the customer relationship. Safeguard it.

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  • Telecommunications

    In the digital age, the role of telco carriers extends far beyond mobile communications. Today's devices are powerful tools, providing an opening into a person's entire online and offline life. Telcos are relied on for proof of identity, and enabling secure convenient user interactions, all while balancing the need for robust privacy and regulatory compliance. Yet, from onboarding new customers, to managing account recovery, the challenges are difficult to overcome. The status quo doesn’t cut it.

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At Anonybit, we are committed to enabling a privacy by design framework for the entire identity management ecosystem. We work with partners in different ways. Some leverage our infrastructure to go to market with their algorithms on a decentralized infrastructure. Others integrate our capability with their offerings for a combined strong authentication offering. The possibilities are endless. The goal is the same. Consumer privacy. Digital security. Based on a ground-breaking decentralized data infrastructure.

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Anonybit Awards

Our awards validate the innovation and dedication we have to solving the problem of digital security and user privacy. We’ve been honored to receive this recognition from our peers and industry experts, motivating us to continue with our mission.

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