It’s time to rethink enterprise data protection and prioritize privacy. No matter how secure you think you are, it’s hard to stay ahead.

Safeguarding sensitive data is more critical than ever. Data Protection Officers play a pivotal role in ensuring the privacy and security of valuable information within organizations. When it comes to choosing a reliable ally in digital security, Anonybit stands out as the ultimate choice for those in a data protection officer role who are committed to maintaining the highest standards of enterprise data protection. With Anonybit, eliminate centralized repositories of sensitive data and digital assets and give attackers nothing to find and nothing to steal.

Why Data Protection Officers love Anonybit

  • End to End

    Our decentralized enterprise data protection infrastructure is crafted to address a wide range of enterprise needs. The decentralized biometric cloud handles any kind of structured or unstructured data sets for maximum utility in the enterprise.

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  • Streamlined Integration

    Our simple APIs make the adoption process smooth for DPOs and others in the data protection officer role. The flexible architecture is compatible with a wide range of cloud providers, orchestration platforms and existing applications, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives rather than grappling with integration challenges.

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  • Compliance Made Easy

    Navigating the complex landscape of enterprise data protection requirements can be daunting. Anonybit enhances organizations’ compliance posture with GDPR, CPRA, etc. and reduces concerns around storing and managing biometrics and other sensitive data.

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  • Future-Proof Technology

    Stay ahead of the curve with Anonybit’s privacy by design framework and commitment to innovation. With unique capabilities around storing images, tokens and other PII, Anonybit’s decentralized data vault makes your biometric deployments future-proof, so anyone in the data protection officer role can keep up with the latest technological advances and regulatory changes.

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Anonybit Genie Modules

With Anonybit, you are empowered to deliver real enterprise data protection without the headaches of complex encryption or integration. Anyone in the data protection officer role can now navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape with confidence.The ROI is clear.

Extends the value of your account opening processes to prevent fraud later

Securely store and manage biometrics and other PII collected in the onboarding process, and run a 1:N selfie check to prevent duplicates and synthetic identities.


Creates an anchor of trust for strong authentication downstream

Link devices, tokens, PassKeys and other credentials to the enrolled profile in the decentralized biometric cloud.

Consistent experience online, at the help desk, in the chat and even in person

Leverage the biometric enrolled in digital onboarding with the second factor bound to the profile for strong identity validation and enterprise data protection.

No fallback on OTPs, knowledge questions and other weak authenticators

Device-independent workflows to retrieve PassKeys and other assets stored in the decentralized data vault.


Stay current on the latest in identity, biometrics, fraud prevention and privacy compliance.

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Are you ready to eliminate the risk of data breaches and account takeover fraud?

Get rid of central honeypots of data. Embrace biometrics across the user lifecycle.

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