Data Protection Officers need to safeguard an enterprise’s most precious assets - personal data, source code, intellectual property and more, not an easy feat when attackers are patient, resilient and always on the lookout for a company’s exploitable defenses.

So how do you prevent data breaches while ensuring maximum resilience and operational uptime? Think about the vulnerabilities that exist across an organization’s tech stack. With:

  • Outdated and unsafe use of authentication methods like passwords and OTPs for network access
  • Disconnected siloes that fraudsters exploit, particularly in the account recovery process
  • Increasing use of personal devices to access enterprise systems
  • Reliance on third parties for different data storage and processing functions

Despite your best efforts, risk still exists. You need a solution that closes the gaps for you.

You need to decentralize critical data stores so even if there is an attack, you will not be at risk.


Welcome to the Anonybit Genie.

The only end to end platform based on a decentralized infrastructure, designed to prevent data breaches and account takeovers by protecting biometrics and other personal data and digital assets.


We’ve designed our Decentralized Data Vault with quantum computing and the enterprise in mind.

  • Eliminate centralized repositories of sensitive data and digital assets
  • Secure sensitive data with biometrics to ensure only authorized people have access
  • Ensure all corporate assets including images, documents, videos, private keys, backup passphrases are protected and available to retrieve on demand
  • Stay ahead of data protection regulations with maximum compliance and privacy

And protect your enterprise from the debilitating effects of ransomware and data breaches. All with one modular, patent-pending decentralized platform.



See why these industry leaders see us as their trusted solution for digital security and user privacy.

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Travis Jarae

Founder & CEO of Liminal, the digital identity strategy firm

One to many decentralized matching is an important capability to enhancing the privacy and security of identity systems.

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Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni

Chief Technology Officer at Aware

"Anonybit tackles a key issue for biometric implementations – how to secure the biometric template. In an age of privacy first, their approach promises to address the need for greater data protection and frictionless identity assurance. We are delighted to be partnering with them to deliver privacy-preserving identity management solutions to the market."

Decentralization is key to digital security, data protection and privacy.

In a world where sharing our personal data is fraught with risk, we believe it’s time to re-think how we address data protection and enterprise security. 

Our solution is simple: decentralize the process of storing and managing biometrics and other sensitive data and digital assets.

Strong authentication with no central honeypots. Secured decentralized data storage. Fraudsters can’t steal what they cannot find.

Contact us today and implement privacy and data security for your organization.