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At Anonybit, we are committed to enabling a privacy by design framework for the entire identity ecosystem. We work with solution providers in different ways. Some leverage our infrastructure to go to market with their algorithms on a decentralized infrastructure. Others integrate our capability with their offerings for a combined digital identity offering. The possibilities are endless. The goal is the same. Consumer privacy. Digital security. Based on a ground-breaking decentralized data infrastructure.

Why Partner with Anonybit

In a world where sharing our personal data is fraught with risk, we believe it’s time to re-think the way our identities and personal data are managed and secured. That's why we created solutions that lower the burden of integration and change management, and make it easy for solution providers to integrate and deploy privacy by design.

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Enhance your security and compliance posture

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How we can work together

Our approach to working with solution providers is simple. We are enablers. Eliminating the tradeoffs that are typically made between privacy and security. Making technology integration quick and simple. Helping you to establish system designs that unify the identity management lifecycle from digital onboarding through authentication and beyond, with flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of different use cases, different industries and different service channels.

Application Developers

Anonybit enables application developers to leverage our privacy-preserving passwordless authentication solution and with easy technology integration into any web or mobile application. Use our decentralized data vault to support the storage and retrieval of personal data to expand the utility of the infrastructure. Perfect for fintech, healthcare apps, or Web3 applications.

Solution Providers

Anonybit enables solutions and service providers to augment their deployments with privacy-centric identity management. Ensure state of the art digital security technology integration that meets the highest standard of compliance with data protection regulations.

Biometric Algorithms

Anonybit enables biometrics solutions and service providers to apply their algorithms and deliver privacy-by-design solutions to market. Easily port your finger, face, iris or voice algorithms to our infrastructure and never worry about technology integration of biometric central honeypots again.

Our Partners

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