Prevent account takeover fraud with biometric-based multifactor authentication.

Anonybit Genie goes beyond ordinary passwords and knowledge-based questions to verify identity. By harnessing privacy-by-design biometrics captured during the account origination process, we’ve fortified your defense against impersonation attacks with multifactor authentication. This cutting-edge technology approach binds attributes and credentials and ensures that unauthorized access becomes virtually impossible. Say goodbye to weak links in your security chain with passwordless authentication and experience digital security that is as unique as you are.

How the authentication module works

For login, step up, verifying payments or any other activity that requires strong validation of identity, invoke the Anonybit Genie for passwordless authentication without disrupting the user experience. No more passwords, OTPs, PINs and tokens, just your privacy-preserving biometrics get you by.


Ingest biometric from any capture source including IDV, live capture, document scan import and more

Convert biometric into sharded, anonymized bits (“anonybits”)

Distribute the “anonybits” throughout the multi-party cloud environment for storage, where they are kept and never retrieved or reassembled, even for matching


Capture biometric and conduct liveness checks

Convert biometric into sharded, anonymized bits

Compare the new anonybits against their stored counterparts, consolidate the computations and return a matching score in milliseconds

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Bid farewell to account takeover fraud.

With the Anonybit Genie, your network and accounts are fortified, user privacy is preserved, and a robust defense against potential breaches is in place.

Creates an anchor of trust beyond the device

Assures that the identity of the user behind a device is linked to the cryptographic keys that are generated per the FIDO protocol, with built in PassKey recovery across devices and applications during multifactor authentication.


Unlike most identity systems that provide a device binding feature, Anonybit works across devices and applications, supporting use cases where credentials are shared by family members (such as devices or payment tokens) for a smoother multifactor authentication experience.

Consistent experience online, at the help desk, in the chat and even in person

The Anonybit Genie leverages consistent biometric multifactor authentication for all user interactions, closing the gaps that attackers exploit.

Exceeds requirements under GDPR and other data protection laws

Implementing Anonybit’s passwordless authentication system allows for a transparent, consent-based biometric solution that minimizes data collection, allows control of data localization, and provides strongly protected storage and management of data necessary for your identity management processes.

Integrate Anonybit into your existing identity tech stack

Anonybit’s passwordless authentication module integrates easily into existing workflows and tech stacks, with various no-code and low-code options that deliver a consistent multifactor authentication user experience across different channels – mobile, web, in-person, in a call center, or even a chat channel. Here are just a few of the integrations that we support with the passwordless authentication module.


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Learn about the other Anonybit Genie modules

Digital onboarding

Securely store and manage biometrics and run a 1:N check to prevent duplicates and synthetic identities.

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Link devices, tokens, PassKeys and other credentials to the enrolled profile in the decentralized biometric cloud.

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Account Recovery

Device-independent workflows to retrieve PassKeys and other assets stored in the decentralized data vault.

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