Are your contact center agents equipped to deal with the savviest fraudsters?

Contact center authentication is trending in the wrong direction – fraud is up 70%, authentication costs are up $0.22 and Average Handling Times are up 33%. Attackers are using stolen credentials to get past the standard defenses, leaving contact center operators exposed. It is time for a new approach. Anonybit provides strong, privacy-preserving biometrics for caller authentication, making it easy to solve the problem of customer authentication once and for all. With fast, intuitive authentication and scalable, dependable performance, Anonybit elevates both your inbound and outbound contact center operations, ensuring a seamless and secure customer authentication experience for both agents and callers alike.

Why Anonybit for Contact Center Authentication

  • Less fraud

    Leverages the selfie from onboarding instead of falling back to OTPs and knowledge based questions.

  • Faster AHT

    Reduce caller authentication time to fewer than 10 seconds, 66%-86% less than the current industry standard.

  • Intuitive CX

    No special phrases or knowledge questions to remember, or one time codes to wait for. The user simply captures a selfie from any device.

  • Empowered agents

    Agents can focus on quality service unencumbered by potential caller authentication fraud risks in the voice or chat service channel.

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How it works

Revolutionize your customer authentication operations for a secure tomorrow

Capture biometric and conduct liveness checks

Convert biometric into sharded, anonymized bits

Conduct the match and provide caller authentication assurance in milliseconds

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Discover more ways to use Anonybit

Workforce Authentication

Enable seamless access and protect corporate assets against theft and ransomware with privacy-preserving biometrics

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Step Up Authentication

Ensure strong authentication when there is risky activity or other increased risk factors in a transaction

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Store PassKeys in our decentralized data vault and bind them to your biometrics for easy recovery in the event of a new device

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Close the gaps that attackers exploit.

The Anonybit Genie is the first integrated identity management system built with privacy-by-design from the ground up. Connecting the user lifecycle from digital onboarding to authentication and beyond with persistent biometrics, Anonybit eliminates passwords, knowledge questions and other weak identifiers and ensures a seamless user experience at all service points – online, in person, in the chat, and on the phone – while maintaining the highest levels of user privacy.


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Account Recovery


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Are you ready to eliminate the risk of data breaches and account takeover fraud?

Get rid of central honeypots of data. Embrace biometrics across the user lifecycle.

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