How can you ensure a true end-to-end FIDO-based passwordless journey?

In the move to a passwordless world, it is essential to consider that most standard FIDO authentication and device-based credential solutions are vulnerable to account recovery fraud because they ultimately fall back on a password somewhere along the user journey. With Anonybit, embrace a future where the gap is closed. Store the backup PassKey or token in our decentralized data vault and associate it with the user’s biometric, simplifying the recovery process and ensuring no account takeover of digital wallets can occur. Join the growing community of Anonybit clients who have taken control of their digital security through FIDO authentication. Your journey to a truly passwordless experience begins here.

Why Anonybit for FIDO Passkey Storage & Wallet Recovery

  • No fallback on passwords

    Ensure your digital wallets, FIDO Passkeys and FIDO authentication are not at the mercy of a solution that is based on password protection

  • Device-independent

    Works across devices. Not susceptible to SIM swaps and other device takeover, unlike traditional solutions that fall back to PINs, and knowledge questions that are used to secure digital wallets

  • Privacy-by-design

    Decentralized biometrics backend ensures compliance with GDPR, CPRA, PIPEDA and other privacy laws

  • Integrates into existing tech stacks

    Enhances your security posture without the headache of a complex overhaul

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How it works

Create a true, end to end FIDO authentication experience.

Capture user’s biometric and conduct liveness checks.

Match user’s biometric data stored in the decentralized biometric cloud.

Retrieve the PassKey or token associated with digital wallets to bind to a new device.

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Discover more ways to use Anonybit

Deduplication and Blocklist Checks

Prevent synthetics and known fraudsters from re-enrolling under another name

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Biometric OTP

Replace an easily phishable code with biometrics for passwordless authentication and retrieval of digital wallets

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Workforce FIDO Authentication

Enable seamless access for your team members while ensuring a robust layer of privacy-preserving biometric protection for sensitive corporate data

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Close the gaps that attackers exploit.

The Anonybit Genie is the first integrated identity management system built with privacy-by-design from the ground up. Connecting the user lifecycle from digital onboarding to authentication and beyond with persistent biometrics, Anonybit eliminates passwords, knowledge questions and other weak identifiers and ensures a seamless user experience at all service points – online, in person, in the chat, and on the phone – while maintaining the highest levels of user privacy for digital wallets and FIDO authentication.


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Account Recovery


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