Are you seeing the same fraudsters over and over but can’t seem to stop them?

Most fraud is orchestrated by a relatively small group of repeat offenders that know how to get around standard KYC checks. They may make up new identities but the one thing that is consistent is their face. With Anonybit, you can search an existing repository of selfies stored in our decentralized cloud, and stop the fraudsters from getting through to secure account opening fraud prevention. Fortify your first line of defense with our biometric-based identity verification solutions.

Why Anonybit for Deduplication & Blocklist Checks

  • Prevent duplicate identities

    Go beyond standard KYC and other typical identity verification solutions and search an existing repository of faces which have already enrolled under other names to enhance account opening fraud prevention.

  • Avoid repeat offenders and synthetics

    Flag identities that have previously been associated with fraud or non-payment from coming back and catch them with a selfie search at the onboarding stage.

  • Maintain compliance posture

    Delight your compliance teams with an identity verification solutions system design that meets GDPR, CPRA, PIPEDA and other privacy requirements.

  • Set your own threshold for adjudication

    Decide how you want to manage potential matches with either a list for manual review or automatic scoring for account opening fraud prevention.

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How it works

Stop fraudsters before they can get to work.

Ingest biometric from any capture source including your identity verification solutions, live capture, document scan import and more

Run a 1:N search against either the entire backend or a blocklist to make sure there are no synthetics or duplicates.

If desired, receive a shortlist of potential matches for adjudication, based on an adjustable threshold.

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Discover more ways to use Anonybit

Step Up Authentication

Ensure strong authentication when there is risky activity or other increased risk factors in a transaction

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Biometric OTP

Replace an easily phishable code with biometrics for passwordless authentication

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Transaction Verification

Create a biometric audit trail signature for each transaction to prevent disputes later with account opening fraud prevention

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Close the gaps that attackers exploit.

The Anonybit Genie is the first integrated identity management system built with privacy-by-design from the ground up. Connecting the user lifecycle from digital onboarding to authentication and beyond with persistent biometrics, Anonybit eliminates passwords, knowledge questions and other weak identifiers and ensures a seamless user experience at all service points – online, in person, in the chat, and on the phone – while maintaining the highest levels of user privacy.


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Are you ready to eliminate the risk of data breaches and account takeover fraud?

Get rid of central honeypots of data. Embrace biometrics across the user lifecycle.

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