Safely store PII now to prevent account takeover fraud later.

Elevate your digital onboarding process to new heights with Anonybit, the privacy-preserving platform for storing and managing personal data, including biometrics. Unlike standard solutions that make you choose between deleting the valuable personal data that is collected because of data protection concerns, or storing it in a central honeypot which can expose the enterprise to a data breach, Anonybit provides a secure solution that eliminates the conundrum. Anonybit ingests identity verification data including selfie images and allows you to leverage it for downstream biometric authentication. Closing the gaps that attackers exploit.

How the digital onboarding module works

Your first line of defense begins at digital onboarding. Storing identity verification data that is collected during digital onboarding gives you a powerful edge in preventing account takeover fraud later. The digital onboarding module ingests images from any source for use downstream so you are covered for the entire user journey. Prevent duplicates and blocked identities from being enrolled. Use biometrics for strong authentication in multiple use cases. Our privacy by design decentralized biometrics back end exceeds compliance requirements so you are protected against a data breach. Privacy and security. Built into one modular, patent-pending integrated identity management platform.

Ingest biometric from any source including IDV, live capture, document scan import and more.

Run a 1:N search against either the entire backend or a blocklist to make sure there are no synthetics or duplicates.

If desired, receive a shortlist of potential matches for adjudication, based on an adjustable threshold.

If there are no matches, a new biometric profile is created in the decentralized biometrics cloud.

The image is converted into sharded, anonymized bits (“anonybits”).

The “anonybits” are distributed throughout the multi-party cloud environment for storage, where they are kept and never retrieved or reassembled, even for matching.

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Delivering on the promise of biometrics without compromising on privacy or security.

Easy IDV integrations

Anonybit easily works with existing identity verification providers to ingest images captured during the digital onboarding process. If there is no IDV in the workflow, Anonybit provides an intuitive selfie capture interface that checks for liveness, deepfakes and injection attacks for a more secure identity verification. Bulk enroll from existing image repositories is also supported.

Patent-pending backend based on multi-party computation

Biometrics are sharded and stored across a multi-party cloud environment such that no party has access or knowledge of the data held by another party at any time.  Each component of the system is encrypted with its own cryptographic key, which is not accessible by any administrator, eliminating the event of insider threats.

Prevent duplicates, synthetics and blocklisted users from enrolling

Today’s fraudsters know how to get around KYC and identity verification protocols. The one thing they cannot hide is their face.  The digital onboarding module runs a search against the existing biometric profiles to give you a clean, trusted biometric directory that you can rely on for all your identity management needs.

Future-proofed identity management framework

Instead of flushing images, document scans and other PII collected in the digital onboarding process, use the Decentralized Data Vault to securely store them for downstream applications like auditing, fraud investigations, customer servicing and future-proofing of biometric deployments.

Exceeds requirements under GDPR and other data protection laws

Implementing Anonybit’s system allows for a transparent, consent-based biometric solution that minimizes data collection, allows control of data localization, and provides strongly-protected storage and management of data necessary for your identity management processes.

Digital onboarding integrations

Digital onboarding is a critical first step in identity management. Leveraging the data that is collected can reduce fraud and operational costs later in the process. But because of the fear of a data breach, oftentimes the data captured at this identity verification stage gets flushed. The Anonybit Genie leapfrogs privacy concerns to unleash the power of biometrics across the enterprise. Here are just a few of the integrations that we support with the digital onboarding module.


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Link devices, tokens, PassKeys and other credentials to the enrolled profile in the decentralized biometric cloud.

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Leverage the biometric enrolled in digital onboarding with the second factor bound to the profile for strong identity validation.

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Account Recovery

Device-independent workflows to retrieve PassKeys and other assets stored in the decentralized data vault.

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