August 31, 2022

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Anonybit Adds Rank One Face Matcher to its Identity Solution


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Breaches to our nation’s most secure biometric systems are no longer hypothetical. It’s time for new thinking and new solutions for biometrics privacy.

DENVER, CO – 08/30/2022 – Top-ranked Face and Object Recognition from Rank One Computing (ROC) meets ground-breaking Privacy-by-Design architecture in a partnership announced between ROC and Anonybit (see video) to solve persistent privacy challenges facing enterprise biometric systems –.  Our nation’s top security experts rely on biometrics (e.g., face recognition, fingerprints, etc.) to secure our most sensitive facilities and data.  But as we saw in the breach to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) – where fingerprint data from 5.6 million U.S. citizens was stolen – biometrics databases are not immune to privacy and security breaches.

Anonybit has taken on the challenge to develop a new generation of data security that incorporates privacy-by-design.  To establish this next gen cipher, the Anonybit system breaks down a selfie photo or other biometric data into anonymized bits.  These “anonybits” are distributed throughout a vast peer-to-peer network where they are stored and never retrieved. To unlock the cipher and access the protected data, a new selfie is broken down again and the new “anonybits” are compared against their stored counterparts. The bits are never reassembled and cannot be used to reconstruct the original image.

According to Anonybit co-founder and CEO Frances Zelazny, “Government agencies and corporate enterprises are beginning to break the mold on legacy security regimes, which means they must choose partners who are equally committed to privacy protections and who have demonstrated their ability to deliver best-of-breed technology.  We are proud to support Rank One’s face recognition matcher for our decentralized infrastructure based on their top-rated results in NIST facial recognition vendor testing, their longstanding commitment to privacy, their roots as 100% homegrown U.S. technology, and the decades of AI/ML experience they bring to computer vision.”

Accepting this challenge, ROC CEO Scott Swann explained, “Rank One is excited to be partnering with Anonybit on their privacy-by-design, data sharding architecture that decentralizes the storage of biometric PII and greatly reduces the potential for future data breaches like the one that impacted OPM several years ago.  We look forward to working with Frances and her team to push this important initiative forward.”

These executives plan to discuss more specifics and engage industry partners in a webinar fireside chat style in mid-September with continued engagement during Identity Week America 2022 in October at the Washington, DC convention center.  We invite broad collaborative participation and engagement as we seek to advance this important initiative. Stay tuned for developments and visit us to learn more at and

About ROC: Rank One Computing (ROC) is the most trusted provider of Facial Recognition (FR) algorithms to the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, and Commercial organizations. We are employee-owned, ethics driven, and 100% Made in America.  Our AI/ML extensively optimized algorithms lead the industry in security, accuracy, and speed as proven in both NIST government testing and tactical military applications. ROC offers a growing suite of mobile and desktop Computer Vision solutions for all your identification needs.

About Anonybit: Anonybit is an award-winning, patented decentralized infrastructure that prevents data breaches and protects personal data and digital assets. Its platform is used by embedded partners and enterprises to deliver privacy-by-design solutions to the market. Anonybit supports all data types including images, biometric, biographic, financial, crypto assets, private keys and more and integrates into existing workflows across the identity management lifecycle. The company’s two main products, circle of identity passwordless authentication and the decentralized data vault, are deployed across a range of industries that are concerned with data protection and secure access. For more information, visit

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