We have always presented our identity in return for trust and convenience with others.

Yet sharing our personal data in a digital age is a fraught with risk. It's a game we’re still getting used to. And in the process of trying to maintain both personal privacy and security, both are getting lost. No matter how many barriers we put in their way, hackers are winning every day.  You see, it’s not the 99.9% of their attacks which fail that make us worry, it’s the 0.1% that succeed. 

At Anonybit, we believe the only way to stop it is to re-think how our identities and personal assets are managed and secured. 

Instead of building bigger walls around our information, we asked ourselves: what if there was nothing to find?

Our solution is surprisingly simple: instead of storing data in a central honeypot, we distribute it throughout a vast peer-to-peer network in the form of "anonymized bits", hence the company name, Anonybit, completely removing the need to be concerned with hackers breaking in. With the way our infrastructure is set up, there is nothing for a fraudster to find and nothing to steal. And you, and you alone, are the match to unlock the data that’s dispersed out there.

We used our expertise in designing and implementing complex identity systems and applied advanced mathematical modeling that we patented to create an infrastructure that solves the problem - once and for all. 

Now, we are sharing our promise with anyone who wants to secure digital identity and truly protect personal data and assets. 

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