April 06, 2022

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Anonybit Adds One to Many Identification Capabilities to its Decentralized Biometrics Cloud

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Anonybit Adds One to Many Identification Capabilities to its Decentralized Biometrics Cloud 

An industry first, this new capability will provide significant privacy enhancements to implementations that require deduplication and biometric lookups, a key step towards a future with no data breaches and no central honeypots of personal data

New York, NY and Tel Aviv, Israel – April 6, 2022 – Anonybit, the pioneer in decentralized biometrics, today announced the addition of one to many identification capabilities to its decentralized biometrics cloud. Anonybit will support fully decentralized deduplication and lookup functionalities for biometrics which enables significant enhancements from a privacy by design perspective to a wide range of use cases. This capability is the first of its kind  for the cybersecurity industry. 

The company’s award-winning technology breaks down biometrics into anonymized bits and distributes them over a wide network where they are encrypted, stored, and processed for matching. With Anonybit’s unique approach, there is no need to assemble the components to conduct a biometric match, eliminating the risk of a data breach.

“Our goal is to cut off the oxygen that feeds identity thieves by giving them nothing to find and nothing to steal, even if they do manage to break into a network,” said Frances Zelazny, Anonybit co-founder and chief executive officer. “By eliminating central honeypots while still enabling strong authentication of biometrics, we are ushering in a new era for privacy and security, enabled by our innovative decentralized biometrics infrastructure. The one to many capability is a cornerstone to creating this future, allowing governments, enterprises, and other entities to ensure a privacy-first system of record for individuals based on their biometrics. This creates an anchor of trust that supports all other types of deployments, like verifiable credentials, online account access, time and attendance systems, payments and others.”

There have been multiple attempts by the biometric industry to secure biometric data. Any successes have been limited to 1:1 matching which is used for more simple functions like logging into an online service. With today’s breakthrough, we are now one step closer to eliminating centralized honeypots of biometrics entirely, even for complex, large-scale deployments, like access control or government ID applications.

“One to many decentralized matching is an important capability to enhancing the privacy and security of identity systems,” said Travis Jarae, Founder & CEO of Liminal, the digital identity strategy firm. “While there has been an intense focus on identity verification systems and a lot of excitement around verifiable credentials, the question always comes down to where ultimately, is personal data stored at the root level. Solutions that avoid central honeypots not only for biometrics but other personal data and digital assets are very attractive to many entities that need to establish a system of record with the highest levels of compliance and data protection.” 

The Anonybit infrastructure supports third-party biometric modalities and algorithms including facial, fingerprint, iris, and voice biometrics. Biometric industry providers can apply their technologies to the Anonybit decentralized biometric cloud and build privacy-by-design solutions that meet the highest standards for data protection in accordance with GDPR, CPRA, and other privacy regulations.

In addition to offering the 1:N capability to biometric solution providers, Anonybit will apply it as an add-on option to its turnkey decentralized authentication product. The decentralized authentication product includes liveness detection, decentralized storage, decentralized 1:1 matching and integration into orchestration platforms. By adding on 1:N matching at the time of enrollment, enterprises will be able to ensure there are no duplicates in their system, critical for time and attendance, payroll and other similar applications.

Anonybit recently announced a $3.5 million seed funding round, in addition to several implementations and partnerships including Aware, to address biometric data security, Abine, powering the first decentralized password manager; FacePhi Biometria to allow its customers to sidestep questions on where to store identity data that is being collected for digital onboarding purposes; and DropVault, where Anonybit provides users strong authentication for their B2B encrypted document sharing vault.

To see this capability, please visit anonybit.io

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Anonybit is the first fully decentralized biometrics infrastructure used by embedded partners and enterprises to deliver privacy-by-design solutions to the market. Supporting all biometric modalities and other sensitive personal data types and secrets in multiple use cases across the identity management lifecycle, Anonybit easily integrates into existing workflows. For more information, visit anonybit.io

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