September 23, 2021

Anonybit Team

Abine Implements Anonybit to Offer First Decentralized Password Manager

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Online privacy company Abine announced today it is using technology from to release the first ever password manager built on a decentralized identity framework for the company’s Blur platform.

While device-based password managers use biometric authentication for enhanced security, the processes they use are easily circumvented by hackers. In contrast, the Anonybit system closes the gaps by breaking down biometric data into anonymized bits (“anonybits”). The anonybits reside in a peer-to-peer network composed of numerous nodes able to compute the biometric match. The anonybits never leave the nodes and cannot be used to reconstruct the initial information, providing unparalleled security for consumers.

“This implementation represents a first in the password protection space, and is something that’s long overdue,” says Rob Shavell, Abine Co-Founder and CEO. “The decentralized nature of the biometric information storage makes the Anonybit solution a leap forward in privacy-by-design.”

Anonybit’s decentralized identity framework uses face biometric technology to encrypt and retrieve a single master password which reduces the forgotten password problem while reducing fraud, strengthening compliance, and protecting the user’s identity and assets.

CEO and co-founder of Anonybit, Frances Zelazny, considers the collaboration an opportunity to provide increased online security to a wider audience. “Consumers are clamoring for better data protection and stewardship over their personal information. Abine is answering the call, bringing enhanced security for their customers and instilling greater confidence in their online interactions. There is no entity today that does not face privacy and security issues, and we are pleased that through this initiative, our infrastructure can reach more users,” she says.

The decentralized password manager will be available at no cost to all existing Abine Blur customers through their existing account, starting with password retrieval and followed by extended functionality for account login in the coming months.

For questions on the new tech, visit the FAQ section of Abine’s website. To sign up for the Blur password manager, go to

About Abine Blur:

Blur was created with one simple mission: make it easier for you to manage and protect your privacy and identity without sacrificing convenience. It is designed to integrate seamlessly into your online life and its features appear when you need them without getting in your way, lowering your risk of identity theft and credit card fraud.

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