Can you be sure a fraud claim is legitimate?

Unlike third-party fraud, with first-party fraud, individuals manipulate their own information or intentionally misrepresent it, making it very difficult to detect using traditional methods of payment fraud prevention, threatening financial services security. With Anonybit, you can require individuals to biometrically sign a transaction, creating an irrefutable audit trail that you can always rely on for financial services security without compromising the user experience. A simple selfie capture is all you need to outsmart even the most deceptive actors.

Why Anonybit for First-Party Payment Fraud Prevention

  • Best protection against fraud

    Biometric authentication with built in liveness and injection detection makes it exceptionally challenging for fraudsters.

  • Irrefutable biometric audit trail

    Each transaction is logged for forensic analysis in the event of an incident or chargeback.

  • High accuracy and seamless UX

    Quick selfie biometric capture provides payment fraud prevention that does not disrupt the user journey.

  • Privacy-by-design framework

    Decentralized biometrics backend ensures compliance with GDPR, CPRA, PIPEDA and other privacy laws.

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How it works

Beat fraudsters at their own game.

Capture biometric and convert into sharded, anonymized bits

Compare the new “anonybits” against their stored counterparts and return a matching score in milliseconds

If the authentication passes, create a unique signature and bind it to the transaction; record in the log

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Discover more ways to use Anonybit

Step Up Authentication

Ensure strong authentication when there is risky activity or other increased risk factors in a transaction

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Biometric OTP

Replace an easily phishable code with biometrics for passwordless authentication

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Transaction Verification

Create a biometric audit trail signature for compliance and quick processing of financial transactions

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Close the gaps that attackers exploit.

The Anonybit Genie is the first integrated identity management system built with privacy-by-design and financial services security  from the ground up. Connecting the user lifecycle from digital onboarding to authentication and beyond with persistent biometrics, Anonybit eliminates passwords, knowledge questions and other weak identifiers and ensures a seamless user experience at all service points – online, in person, in the chat, and on the phone – while maintaining the highest levels of user privacy.


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Account Recovery


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