Do you want to use biometrics but are hampered by data protection concerns?

Chances are you already collect biometric data as part of your account registration process, but discard it because of privacy concerns. With Anonybit’s patent-pending decentralized biometrics cloud, you can safely store and manage biometric data for any downstream use case. Your compliance team will love you for this data breach prevention measure.

Why Anonybit for Decentralized Biometric Storage

  • No central honeypots

    Patent pending backend distributes anonymized derivatives of the original biometric sample across a multi-party cloud environment for built-in biometric security.

  • Any biometric modality

    Open platform supports different forms of biometrics such as third-party face, voice, iris and finger biometric algorithms.

  • Store other PII

    Flexible system design handles images, tokens, document scans and other personal data that needs to be associated with user biometrics.

  • Enhanced compliance

    Exceeds requirements under the GDPR, CPRA, PIPEDA and other privacy laws for maximum data breach prevention.

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How it works

Give attackers nothing to find and nothing to steal

Ingest biometric from any capture source including IDV, live capture, document scan import and more.

The image is converted into sharded, anonymized bits (“anonybits”) for ultimate biometric security and data breach prevention.

The “anonybits” are distributed throughout the multi-party cloud environment for storage, where they are kept and never retrieved or reassembled, even for matching.

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Discover more ways to use Anonybit

Deduplication and Blocklist Checks

Prevent synthetics and known fraudsters from re-enrolling under another name

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Step Up Authentication

Ensure strong authentication when there is risky activity to ensure data breach prevention

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Biometric OTP

Replace an easily phishable code with biometrics for passwordless authentication

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Close the gaps that attackers exploit.

The Anonybit Genie is the first integrated identity management system built with privacy-by-design from the ground up. Connecting the user lifecycle from digital onboarding to authentication and beyond with persistent biometric security, Anonybit eliminates passwords, knowledge questions and other weak identifiers and ensures a seamless user experience at all service points – online, in person, in the chat, and on the phone – while maintaining the highest levels of user privacy and biometric security and data breach prevention.


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Are you ready to eliminate the risk of data breaches and account takeover fraud?

Get rid of central honeypots of data. Embrace biometrics across the user lifecycle.

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