Get real security without compromising on privacy.

Implement state of the art turnkey biometric authentication without data management and regulatory headaches.

Real security typically comes at an enormous cost. So tradeoffs are made in favor of privacy, convenience and ease of implementation. Blind spots are left for attackers to exploit and consumers are typically left holding the bag as victims. Anonybit eliminates the tradeoffs by connecting account registration to account access and account recovery using state-of-the-art decentralized turnkey biometric authentication. Contact us for a demo today.

All the components of a turnkey biometric authentication solution with privacy at the core

Anonybit's turnkey biometric authentication solution is totally modular, enabling end to end capabilities for identity management:

  • Digital onboarding
  • Device binding
  • Decentralized authentication and biometric storage
  • Deduplication and watchlist checks against the decentralized biometrics cloud
  • Account recovery workflows

Our turnkey authentication solution complies with SOC2 and ISO27001 security standards, and supports FIDO protocols for on-device authentication. Our SDK and APIs make it easy to implement decentralized authentication easily into existing workflows while keeping your customers and employees protected against data breaches. 

Any entity that deals with personal data should be concerned with user privacy and data protection. Anonybit's decentralized authentication solution prevents account takeovers and eliminates the gaps that attackers exploit across the circle of identity.









....And supports a wide range of decentralized authentication needs

  • Passwordless authentication
  • Turnkey authentication for new device authorization
  • Account recovery
  • Step up decentralized authentication
  • Physical access
  • Zero trust security
  • Transaction verification
  • Secured digital wallets
  • Private key storage and recovery

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