Delivering the promise of privacy and digital security through decentralization.

Our patented infrastructure ensures strong authentication and maximum compliance with data minimization requirements.

Privacy and security through decentralization

Privacy and security by design

- Sensitive data is broken up into anonymized bits, distributed over a peer-to-peer network and is never recompiled, even for matching.

- Network elements are blind to the data both during transport and during processing, so there is never any single point of failure for a hacker to exploit.

Flexible infrastructure

Supports different use cases for embedded partners and enterprises and easily implemented with our SDK and API:

- Identity Verification: Extract biometric data from ID documents for use in downstream applications

- Login and transaction verification: Enable secure access to online services without passwords, PINs or KBA as a fallback

- Non-biometrics storage and retrieval: Store and retrieve secrets such as private keys and ensure only the right person has access

Anonybit is easy to deploy on the back of existing identity solutions. The API integrates with other authentication platforms and enables turnkey privacy by design capabilities for solution providers. Third-party biometric algorithms and multiple modalities are also supported.