Privacy and security along the entire identity management lifecycle.

Our products ensure strong authentication without a central honeypot of data, ushering in a world where our privacy is respected and our interactions are trusted.

Decentralized storage and matching facility for embedded partners who may apply their algorithms and build complete privacy-by-design solutions to take to market. Supports multiple modalities and integrations into third party solutions.

Complete passwordless authentication including liveness detection, decentralized biometrics storage and matching and integration to orchestration platforms. Enable strong identity assurance with the highest levels of data protection.

Secure, decentralized storage for private keys, crypto assets, master passwords, backup passphrases and other digital assets coupled with biometric authentication to ensure only the authorized person has access to their sensitive information.

Leveraging zero knowledge proofs and multi-party computing, our patented infrastructure provides the utmost in user privacy and digital security.

Any entity that deals with personal data should be concerned with user privacy and data protection. Anonybit secures biometrics and other digital assets across a host of industries.









Anonybit's decentralized biometrics infrastructure ensures compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations, minimizing risk to your organization and protecting your customers and employees.

Device Independent

Works across devices. Not susceptible to device takeover, unlike traditional solutions that fall back to PINs, and KBA.

Privacy-By- Design

Personal data is not held in any central honeypot. Nothing for hackers to find and nothing for hackers to steal.

Multiple Use Cases

Supports all modalities and third party-algorithms for different identity management needs across the enterprise.

Closed Circle of Identity

Connects onboarding to access and account recovery to close the gaps exploited by attackers in the authentication process.

Existing solutions leave blind spots in the authentication process and expose organizations to data protection risks. With Anonybit, you don't have to give up privacy for security. Fill out the form below to learn how to implement decentralized biometrics in your organization.

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