Biometrics, Global Data Protection Regulations and How Anonybit Steps Up to the Challenge

Mapping Anonybit and biometric security to data protection laws

Data protection regulations are driving enterprises around the world to rethink how they manage and protect personal data, from photos, to location information, financial, demographic, biographic, crypto assets and more. One key emerging trend as a result is the growth of privacy-enhancing technologies (PECs) which are expected to be adopted in some capacity by roughly 60% of large enterprises by 2025. 

Anonybit's revolutionary decentralized biometric authentication infrastructure provides a privacy and security-focused system for authentication that takes into account today's myriad data protection and privacy laws – from GDPR and BIPA to local ordinances – in a way that few, if any, other similar solutions accomplish. Implementing Anonybit's system allows for a transparent, consent-based biometric solution, that minimizes data collection, allows control of data localization, and provides strongly-protected storage and management of data necessary for your authentication processes.

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