March 04, 2024

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Anonybit Deploys Upgraded Decentralized Biometrics Cloud Capabilities With Tier 1 Latin America Banking Group

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Anonybit Deploys Upgraded Decentralized Biometrics Cloud Capabilities With Tier 1 Latin America Banking Group

New Architecture Design Enables Greater Scalability, More Flexible Deployment Options and Integrated Support for Both One-to-One and One-to-Many Matching

New York, NY and Tel Aviv, Israel – March 4, 2024 – Anonybit, a pioneer in decentralized technologies, is proud to announce the launch of its next generation decentralized biometrics cloud, enabling greater scalability, more flexible deployment options and integrated support for both one-to-one and one-to-many biometric matching. The solution has been successfully deployed as the backend infrastructure to an identity verification service that is being delivered by Ado Technologies, Anonybit’s partner in Latin America, to a top tier banking group that services 14 million retail customers in the region. 

The Anonybit patent-pending decentralized biometrics cloud is a cutting-edge solution that leverages multi-party computation and zero-knowledge proofs to securely store and manage biometric data. The system shards standard biometric data into anonymized bits, hence the name of the company, Anonybit, and distributes the shards into a multi-party cloud environment where they are stored and never retrieved, even for matching. One of the unique capabilities of the Anonybit approach is that it supports third party algorithms and multiple modalities, giving customers the choice of best in class technologies to deploy. Another unique feature is the ability to handle both one to one and one to many matching in a single architecture design, allowing enterprises to leverage the decentralized biometric cloud to prevent duplicates, synthetics and blocked identities from registering into a system  and streamline the authentication process y across the entire user lifecycle, regardless of channel (digital, physical, chat, help desk). 

“As one of the premier identity solution providers to banks in Latin America, we are on the frontlines of dealing with issues around data security while delivering seamless user experiences,” said Doron Abrahamson, General Manager of Ado Technologies, a Scanovate company. “The ability to leverage Anonybit’s Decentralized Biometrics Cloud for our deployments means that our clients can rest assured knowing that their customers’ sensitive data is not vulnerable to data breaches. With flexible deployment options, we are able to seamlessly integrate the Anonybit backend into our existing workflows, and expand into different use cases over time, providing a consistent and secure user experience. With so many providers going to the market with antiquated approaches, Anonybit helps us cement our market leadership position in the region.” 

In recent months, Anonybit has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the recipient of their 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership Award, by Findbiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence as a Luminary in their 2023 Biometrics Digital Identity Prism Report and was featured in Datos Insights Q4 Risk Insights and Advisory Fintech Spotlight. The company has also won numerous awards including Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas, Fast Company’s Next Big Thing in Tech, Women in Payments Unicorn Challenge and the Stevie Awards Technical Innovation of the Year. With the Latin America banking group announced today, Anonybit is providing deduplication upon account registration, preventing synthetic identities and blocked identities from enrolling, as well as enabling seamless reverification downstream.  

“With our innovative architecture enabling both seamless one-to-one and one-to-many matching capabilities, and the upgrade of our Decentralized Biometrics Cloud ensuring greater scalability and deployment flexibility, we’re truly shaping the future identity management,” said Frances Zelazny, Anonybit co-founder and CEO. “Our latest deployments validate our technological approach to biometric privacy, bringing us one step closer to fulfilling our vision.” 

About Anonybit

Anonybit is an award-winning, patented decentralized biometrics infrastructure (not blockchain) that protects personal data and digital assets. The company’s flagship integrated identity management platform, the Genie, is the first privacy-by-design offering that connects the entire use lifecycle, from digital onboarding to authentication, closing the gaps that attackers exploit. The Anonybit Genie has been adopted by leading enterprises around the world to prevent synthetic identity and account takeover fraud. For more information, visit


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