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Featured Partners

At Anonybit, we are committed to enabling a privacy by design framework for the entire identity ecosystem. We work with partners in different ways. Some leverage our infrastructure to go to market with their algorithms on a decentralized infrastructure. Others integrate our capability with their offerings for a combined digital identity offering. The possibilities are endless. The goal is the same. Consumer privacy. Digital security. Based on a ground-breaking decentralized data infrastructure. 

Application Developers

Anonybit enables application developers to leverage our privacy-preserving passwordless authentication solution and integrate into any orchestration layer or web or mobile application. Use our decentralized data vault to support storage and retrieval any type of personal data to expand the utility of the infrastructure. Perfect for fintechs, healthcare apps, NFTs and other blockchain applications. 

Solution Providers

Anonybit enables biometrics solution and service providers to apply their algorithms and deliver privacy-by-design solutions to market. Easily port your finger, face, iris or voice algorithms to our infrastructure and never worry about central honeypots of biometric data again.  

Our products easily integrate into existing workflows and support a wide range of identity management use cases

Decentralized storage and matching facility for embedded partners who may apply their algorithms and build complete privacy-by-design solutions to take to market. Supports multiple modalities and integrations into third party solutions.
Complete passwordless authentication including liveness detection, decentralized biometrics storage and matching and third-party integrations. Enable strong identity assurance and MFA with the highest levels of data protection across web and mobile applications.
Secure, decentralized storage for private keys, crypto assets, master passwords, backup passphrases and other digital assets coupled with biometric authentication to ensure only the authorized person has access to their sensitive information.

Partner with us to enable a world with greater privacy and security.