Welcome to the safe deposit box of the future.

Secure your digital assets as you would your physical assets.

Anonybit provides storage and recovery of the private key, crypto assets, backup passphrases, master passwords and ensures only the right person has access via our state of the art biometrics. Our digital asset vault is decentralized and so is the matching function, so there is no single point of failure for an attacker to get into. Contact us for a demo today.

One of the challenges of cryptocurrency, verifiable credentials and other blockchain applications is where to store the private key. With Anonybit, digital assets are not lost or compromised.

Upon account registration, enable your users to store their digital assets. At any time and from any device, they can invoke it using biometric authentication to ensure that only they have access. Total security. Total privacy. [Get in touch](https://anonybit.io/contact) for a free trial of the Digital Asset Vault.

Our digital asset vault is secured by turnkey biometric authentication.

Anonybit's biometric authentication solution includes liveness detection, biometric matching, decentralized biometric storage and integration into orchestration applications. Using our SDK and APIs, integrate easily into existing workflows while keeping your customers and employees protected against data breaches. [Access our SDK and APIs](https://anonybit.io/contact).

Other digital asset vaults are centralized, use weak authenticators or both, opening up vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit. With Anonybit, there is nothing for an attacker to find and nothing for an attacker to steal, while ensuring the utmost security for your users.

Device Independent

Works across devices. Not susceptible to device takeover, unlike traditional solutions that fall back to PINs, and KBA.

Privacy-By- Design

Personal data is not held in any central honeypot. Nothing for hackers to find and nothing for hackers to steal.

Multiple Use Cases

Supports all modalities and third party-algorithms for different identity management needs across the enterprise.

Closed Circle of Identity

Connects onboarding to access and account recovery to close the gaps exploited by attackers in the authentication process.

See the Digital Asset Vault in action. Schedule a demo today.