Eliminate central honeypots and the risk of a data breach.

Data breaches are accelerating and becoming more dangerous. Anonybit addresses this challenge by decentralizing data in ways that give attackers nothing to find and nothing to steal even if they manage to access your network. Our data loss prevention solution means you can safely store any PII, including images, PassKeys and tokens, strengthening your data governance posture and minimizing the risk of a ransomware attack.

How the decentralized data vault works

We take care of securing all the PII you need to properly manage an end to end identity framework in your enterprise; you take care of ensuring a system design that works to ensure data loss prevention.


Identify the data elements to be secured, for example images, PassKeys, backup passphrase, etc.

Obfuscate the data elements in the multi-party cloud environment.

Bind the data elements to the user’s previously created decentralized biometric profile.


Capture user’s biometric and conduct liveness checks.

Match user’s biometric data stored in the decentralized biometric cloud.

Retrieve the original data elements for fraud investigation or account recovery purposes.

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Key features

Protect all personal data

Instead of flushing images, document scans and other PII collected in the digital onboarding process, use the Decentralized Data Vault to securely store them for downstream applications like auditing, fraud investigations, customer servicing and future-proof your tech stack against  data loss prevention.

Maximize your FIDO implementation

The Decentralized Data Vault can be used to secure PassKeys to eliminate one of the biggest gaps in the FIDO framework, account recovery. The Decentralized Data Vault is device-independent, and FIDO PassKeys are bound to the user’s profile stored in the Decentralized Biometric Cloud, preventing account takeover attacks, data loss prevention, and operational risks in restoring PassKeys to new devices.

No single point of failure

The storage and computation (matching) functions are distributed across a multi-party cloud environment such that no party has access or knowledge of the data held by another party at any time.  Each component of the system is encrypted with its own cryptographic key, which is not accessible by any administrator, eliminating the event of insider threats.

Cloud agnostic

Anonybit’s decentralized data vault underpins the Genie can be deployed in any cloud environment across multiple parties.

Exceeds requirements under GDPR and other data protection laws

Implementing Anonybit’s system allows for a transparent, consent-based solution that minimizes data collection and data loss prevention, allows control of data localization, and provides strongly-protected storage and management of data necessary for your identity management processes.

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Decentralized Biometric Cloud

Distributed storage and biometric matching (1:1 and 1:N) infrastructure that supports third-party algorithms.

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Anonybit Genie Platform

Unify the user journey from digital onboarding to authentication leveraging decentralized biometrics.

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Integrations & Partnerships

Enable a privacy-by-design framework across the entire identity ecosystem to support many use cases.

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