Implement customer authentication the way you want to experience digital interactions. Securely, privately, seamlessly.

Consider the state of cybersecurity today and imagine a world with no passwords, increased security and more satisfied customers.

  • 73% of people reset their passwords every 90 days because they cannot remember them
  • 22% of adults have been victims of account takeover attacks
  • 82% of security breaches are due to phishing or stolen credentials


Built in security, privacy and trust. End to end.

Attackers know how to get around the defenses. That’s why 100% of fraud happens inside authenticated sessions. Implementing passwordless authentication in one channel doesn’t help if your other channels are not secured.

With Anonybit’s customer authentication solutions, you enable a secure, consistent experience across the user journey and close the gaps that attackers exploit.


The Anonybit Genie connects digital onboarding to downstream authentication, leveraging persistent biometrics throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • Use face, voice, iris or fingerprint biometrics in any channel - physical, digital, chat, contact center
  • Incorporate risk models to guide adaptive authentication and create the user experience you desire
  • Implement passwordless authentication with simple APIs and SDKs
  • Eliminate the fraud, friction and costs associated with passwords, KBAs, OTPs and tokens

Your first line of defense begins at digital onboarding. Don’t fall short because of data protection concerns. Use Anonybit and have your cake and eat it too. Privacy and security. All with one modular, patent-pending decentralized platform.


Harness the power of decentralized biometrics

to secure your customer's journey.

With account takeover fraud up 90% year over year despite $23 billion being spent on cybersecurity this year alone, it is clear that the current approach to identity management is not working. With Anonybit, you can be confident you are closing the gaps that attackers exploit.

The Anonybit Genie is the only end to end identity platform with a privacy-by-design core. All other solutions either address only one aspect of identity or they have centralized backends. We eliminate the tradeoffs.

Anonybit Genie Features 

  • Leverages the selfie and other biometrics collected at digital onboarding for downstream authentication 
  • Binds different attributes to the decentralized biometric profile to detect fraud and account takeover attacks
  • FIDO compliant with multiple deployment options including Native, SAML and Out of Band (no code) 
  • Dedicated workflows to support passwordless authentication in any channel
  • Privacy by design backend assures safe and secure biometric data storage

Anonybit Genie Benefits

  • Stores biometrics without risk of a data breach 
  • Eliminates account takeover attacks
  • Enables highly accurate and frictionless user journeys 
  • Allows for a consistent user experience across all channels
  • Reduces costs and hassles associated with managing passwords, OTPs and tokens
  • Supports web, mobile and shared devices (device independent)

network background anonybit

Our state of the art decentralized architecture powers the Anonybit Genie to support the entire identity lifecycle - from digital onboarding to downstream authentication - and across all customer service channels.


See why these industry leaders see us as their trusted solution for digital security and user privacy.

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Travis Jarae

Founder & CEO of Liminal, the digital identity strategy firm

One to many decentralized matching is an important capability to enhancing the privacy and security of identity systems.

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Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni

Chief Technology Officer at Aware

"Anonybit tackles a key issue for biometric implementations – how to secure the biometric template. In an age of privacy first, their approach promises to address the need for greater data protection and frictionless identity assurance. We are delighted to be partnering with them to deliver privacy-preserving identity management solutions to the market."

Eliminate fraud and account takeover attacks once and for all.  

Personal data is stored in central honeypots that are impossible to protect. Then that data is used for authentication for every day transactions and applications. It’s no wonder we are in a never ending fraud cycle. 

Anonybit’s end to end passwordless authentication platform ensures a consistent, persistent biometric across the user journey - from digital onboarding all the way to account recovery, closing the gaps that attackers exploit.

Contact us today to learn how to leverage Anonybit decentralized biometrics for customer authentication today.