Identity security and data protection for the Metaverse

With Anonybit's decentralized infrastructure solutions, it’s now possible to properly secure digital assets without sacrificing privacy and convenience.

The problem ...

In our quest for privacy, ubiquity and democratization, we’ve lost TRUST.

We cannot trust many Web3 interactions because the circle of identity is broken - the singular focus on KYC and AML compliance has left us disconnected from actual account security.

Think about how:

  • Custodial and non-custodial crypto wallets are secured
  • NFT chain of custody is managed
  • Private keys are stored and managed
  • Crypto trades get conducted

Almost always with weak authentication that attackers exploit. And that’s why we’ve designed our products with the end to end user journey in mind. 

The solution ...

A SEAMLESS decentralized platform that makes Web 3 businesses more secure - without compromising privacy or security.

It is time to build a Web3 ecosystem based on trusted identities…

  • The FTC says 46,000 people reported losing more than $1 billion worth of crypto in scams between January 2021 and March 2022
  • Over 80% of the NFTs listed in OpenSea were plagiarized art, fraudulent collections, or spam
  • Almost half of people who reported being scammed said it originated on social media — mostly Instagram and Facebook
  • 20% of all bitcoin is either lost or unrecoverable

    KYC/AML is just the starting point. Apply strong authentication across the Circle of Identity with Anonybit.


    Anonybit's revolutionary decentralized infrastructure leverages Multi-Party Computing and Zero Knowledge Proofs to convert personal data, including biometrics and images into anonymized bits, rendering them useless to attackers and even insiders.

    • No single point of ownership
    • No central point of control
    • No central data repository
    • No PII storage risk

    Learn about our underlying decentralized infrastructure

    Security by default

    By connecting all aspects of the identity lifecycle seamlessly, Anonybit closes the gaps that attackers exploit for account takeover, business email compromise and identity theft.

    • Ingests biometric data collected at onboarding
    • Leverages the same biometric for downstream authentication
    • Not dependent on any device or application
    • Integrates into any orchestration platform

    Learn about our underlying decentralized infrastructure

    How to Implement the Circle of Identity for Web3

    Anonybit picks up where KYC and AML leaves off in the crucial process of protecting consumers and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

    Our products leverage decentralization to ensure both privacy and security. No more tradeoffs.


    Passwordless Authentication

    • Strong authentication ensures no impersonation
    • Secures access to custodial and non-custodial wallets
    • Leverages biometrics for wallet access and recovery

    Private Key Storage and Retrieval

    • Eliminate lost and unrecoverable wallets
    • Access and retrieve private keys with biometrics
    • Transact via the wallet from any device/application 

    It’s time to secure your Web3 applications with Anonybit.

    • Offer secure wallet access and recovery and ensure people are who they claim to be
    • Avoid central honeypots of personal data while maintaining full regulatory compliance
    • Eliminate worry around lost and unrecoverable digital assets